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Classes, Clinics, & Camps

Our year-round programs, under the Villarreal CF methodology specifically designed for youth players in the United States are available to boys and girls, ages four and up of all skill levels. We offer developmental programs for individual players and groups through multi-week training classes, camps, and clinics.

Phase 1
Discovery & Acclimation
4 - 6 Years old

At this stage, children are introduced to the sport of soccer through an enjoyable learning experience within an environment that promotes freedom and fun. Through creative games, physical activities, and engaging exercises, the focus is keeping them active through exploration of natural and spontaneous movement with positive reinforcement.

Players discover and learn key fundamentals of the game in an engaging, controlled environment. They begin to establish confidence and interest in the sport, develop their motor skills, and start understanding the basics of movements, kicking, and basic ball control without the fear or competitive pressures of failure.

Phase 2
Golden Years
7 - 12 Years old  

The ‘Golden Years’ of soccer development is the optimal ages for development as progress accelerates both physically and mentally.

Curriculums place emphasis on proper technique, mastering fundamentals, further development of technical skills, fostering team play and awareness, personal character and leadership growth. Ideal for motivated players with desire to elevate their game. This phase sets the foundation bridge to competitive levels.

Phase 3
High School Junior Varsity / Varsity
13+ Years old

Players at this stage work to gain more game maturity and elevation of stamina, strength, mental toughness, concentration, and emotional stability.

The cognitive element of a players game begins to take effect. There is focus on a more cerebral approach to playing tactics and advanced techniques within a more complex training regimen. Players perform exercises under increased competitive conditions while confronted with expanded pressure situations.


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